XAVIER(cinematographer and editor)Xavier has been filming weddings since 2010 and his movies are published in the prestigious online bridal blog “Style me pretty”

“Although I have a background in finance, I always preferred to work outdoors, travel, and meet people. I just love to capture the moment on my camera and watch the final edited result on a large screen, always a  sentimental and beautiful display of styled images. To achieve the greatest results, I always prepare with the bride and groom a story board, which helps us plan in advance the schedule of your day, capturing all the details so important to you. While filming, our job is to be discrete enough while trying to find the best compositions which will make the picture canvas harmonious and beautiful”


ANNA(director and editor)Anna studied cinematography in Moscow and worked as editor and director for several years in the radio television industry, before going full time as a photographer.

“The artistic approach is the key point, which I apply in everything I do. For me , it is very important to document the real emotions and wrap them in beautiful compositions, colors with glow and light” Today, I am a proud member of Style me Pretty Little Black Book and my photos were published numerous times in best international wedding blogs.

anna roussos