How many cinematographers do I need?

Depending on the size of the event and the locations, and your budget constraints, you may chose from one cinematographer to 2. Of course, the best results are achieved starting from two cinematographers, and may be necessary in cases when two distant locations have to be shot at the same time, as for example the bride and groom preparations. However, with careful timing and planing, and with locations close to one another, it is possible to plan a single cinematographer, as in most cases.

What do I receive?

You will get a short length movie (duration depends one each project) highlighting the best moments of the wedding day, and upon request a longer version of the wedding movie which includes speeches, dinner and party, all with professional editing and color correction. You will also receive the originals organized in a movie format which can be played on any modern media player, either to be displayed on your TV or computer, in high definition of course.

 These movies will be recorded on a stylish USB memory stick and you will receive a beautiful customized hand crafted case. We also upload the movies on shared folders so that you can download them at your convenience.

What will be my investment?

This will depend on the crew size and the time spent to cover your event, according to what you want us to capture. Our min booking time is of 8 hours. 

What are the extra costs?

You will have to cover the traveling and accommodation costs and a meal during the wedding day. We always set a fixed fee depending on the location so that you know exactly what it will cost you. 

When do I receive my videos?

Post production takes time, as we have to sort the videos, and start the editing process and color correction. The files are huge and the process is meticulous. It also depends on the workload of course. Our high season is from June to September. So we usually set a maximum time frame of 3 months. In special cases, we can deliver some previews earlier. 

Can I make changes to my videos?

Of course you can. Our job is to customize each video according to your expectations. That is why we spend exhaustive time on Skype calls and emails to chose the music you want, the type of images you would like to include, and any other special request you wish to include into your storyboard.  

Which equipment should I make sure to have for the event?

Lights! Some venues are dark at night and it is important that the lighting system is good to have sharp images. These details are discussed usually once we are booked either directly with you or with the wedding planner organizing the event.

How to prepare for the event?

This is one of the most important events in your life. So we spend a great deal of time getting to know you better, either by mails or by Skype calls, to get the images which will suit you most, in a well prepared, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. All the details of the shootings are discussed before hand. If you have a wedding planner, we need to get in touch to sort all the details of the schedule as well.

Is working with other photographers a problem?

Normally not. However, teams usually work best as we know one another and help each other.  We also know how to position ourselves not to be in someone else’s frame. That is why we make a perfect team with Anna Rousos when she is the photographer. 

Should I worry about the cameras and cinematographers?

Events are an important day and can be stressful in many situations. We therefore try to be discrete and chic, and use equipment which is easy to handle and not bulky. We spend a great effort communicating before we meet which makes our first live meeting all the most cheerful. If we choose to interview you, it is done in a prepared and relaxed environment. People usually have a great time working with us! We really enjoy filming events.